Pilot House Crew

Listed below are the current Pilot House Crew Members and their current jobs.  If you are unsure who to contact, feel free to speak to anyone on the Crew.  Also, if the person you need to talk to is not available, one of the other Crew members may be able to help.

Billy Billy Brehm
El Presidente
Email Billy


Joe Joe Klen
Communication Director
Email Joe


Cheryl Loulouis
Co-Social Navigators
Email Cheryl



Dave Fogler (AKA "Flip Flop Dave")
Co-Social Navigators
Email Dave



Karen Teresa Carter
Email Teresa


Bob "Naked by Noon"  Noonan Bob "Naked by Noon" Noonan
Charity Director
Email Bob


Vicki Vicki Kerr
Membership Director
Email Vicki


Renee Renee Fliss
Email Renee


Kristin Kristin McFadden
Phriendship Phund
Email Kristin


Kurt Kurt Rubin
Grill Master, 50/50 Guy



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